You may not know much about Movado watch brand, but if you usually pay attention to the European and American bloggers like VerySide, you will definitely have an impression of this simple and elegant dial design. Why is it that the appearance is low-key and simple, and it is especially favored by bloggers?

1, the texture is bursting cost-effective
The 136-year-old Movado is one of Switzerland’s leading watch brands and one of the world’s top watchmaking factories. Its Swiss watchmaking technology and craftsmanship are of a high standard. The important thing is that its product line price is not high, thousands of dollars. It is a Swiss watch with high-quality workmanship and the high price/performance ratio.

2, simple and chic artistic sense
Movado is known for its succinct and elegant modernist design. The museum’s dial is its signature, the golden dot symbolizes the midday sun, and the simplified dial background symbolizes the vast universe, combining time and art. Neutral, retro, and elegant dressing styles are perfectly matched, and it’s no wonder that they are especially popular with bloggers.

3, niche low-key highlights taste
Although it is a famous Swiss watch brand, Movado currently has few domestic stores, and its popularity is not very high. The logo on the dial is petite and low-key, but people who understand it will understand the classic dial design. Movado is a good choice if you don’t like to pursue a niche taste.

Movado Esperanza black dial 0607052 Quartz diamond stainless steel women watch


The single dot is at 12 o’clock and symbolizes the midday sun. The digital watch with no markers design of the Movado Museum, which was launched in 1947 by the famous American artist Nathan George Horwitt, is hailed as a model of modernism, which fully reflects the 1920s. The essence of the Bauhaus design school, and was permanently treasured by the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1960. It is the first watch in history to receive this honor, and it has also earned the reputation of “Museum Collection”.

The legendary single dot dial is known as the simplest and pure design in the history of watches. As a registered trademark and award-winning design, this acclaimed single-point dial has evolved into a series

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