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As a smart watch, Mowatch is compatible with Android and Apple systems, which has won the favor of many merchants before it has been officially launched. The emergence of Mowatch laid the foundation for the smart watch to be compatible with the Android Apple system.

Mowatch looks beautiful and elegant

MOWatch looks beautiful and elegant, adhering to MOWatch’s smart and beautiful, practical and convenient product concept, MOWatch incorporates replacement features in the strap design. Each watch is equipped with 3 different color straps, on the watch material selection, from the screen the fuselage and strap are made of high-grade materials. They respect the details and only create a unique new smart mowatch.

Comparable to the perfect smart watch

We all know that for the emergence of a new product, the early stage must be a long-term research and development and improvement, and finally there will be a product that surprises people, let alone a self-developed operating system, which is extremely complicated work. Mowatch is a self-developed smart product. In the meantime, they continue to explore and make progress, and now have the perfect smart watch.

Mowatch is compatible with Android and Apple systems

According to reports, Mowatch is the only smart watch on the market that is compatible with Android and Apple systems. This not only greatly satisfies the needs of Android users, but also delights Apple users who are discouraged by Applewatch. As everyone knows, the price of Apple watches is mostly in the hundreds dollars or even higher. For those who work outside, it is also a luxury. Now there is such a smart watch with appropriate functional performance, how people can not be excited.

MOWatch is also the industry’s first smart watch with adsorption charging, which not only makes the smart watch charging easier, but also makes people no longer worry about the power problem. This is a big step forward in the humanized design of smart watches.

As a smart watch, Mowatch is not only of superior quality, but also makes people pleasantly surprised. Mowatch supports dialing calls, synchronizing mobile phone information, and receiving notifications, remotely taking photos, music, and unlocking mobile phones. Not only that, but in order to let people know more about their physical health, they also set up many health functions: UV intensity test, heart rate test, sleep detection, sedentary reminder, pedometer and so on. Of course, this is just some of the features that the blogger has learned, and there are more features waiting for you to explore.

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