Please draw a picture –Hermes’s ever-changing micro-painting process
Hermes, draw a tiger, elephant, garden, or Longchamp avenue for people. On the enamel dial, the mother-of-pearl dial, or on the camel bone dial that is eye-opening. Artists working with Hermes use the tip of the pen to draw beautiful patterns. Every nuanced process is designed to perfectly represent the essence of micro-painting art.

Hermes explored the unknown road in the field of watchmaking, presenting time on a round dial made of camel bone, and using Persian micro-painting to create the dial. The dial pattern is inspired by Hermes scarves: one is Alice Shirley’s garden and the other is Philippe Ledoux’s avenue. After careful drawing, a transparent varnish is applied to protect the Persian micropaint.

Through the artist’s talent, bright colors shine on the mother-of-pearl dial. And the rich color reveals the natural luster of mother-of-pearl. The Slim d’ Hermes Celebration of the Zambezi timing is born.

The blank canvas is given to the artist is a wonderful embarrassment, the creation of Hermes often comes from this. The Arceau Tiger Tiger series are inspired by the silk scarves designed by Alice Shirley, who is an artist worked closely with Hermes in 2015.

The paints of Hermes on mother-of-pearl highlight the extraordinary art of miniature painting. The six-character dial is limited to the silk scarf designed by graphic designer Laetitia Bianchi for Hermes. Laetitia Bianchi is a masterpiece of Mexican folk crafts, transforming feathers, flowers, leaves and horses into moving patterns. Individual patterns appear or disappear with the perspective of the perspective, which is quite pleasing to the eye.

The dial is unique in a white gold case, which is carefully crafted in Hermes studio. This craft watch is precious and unique, whose design features are loyal to the Slim d’Hermes, which advertises light and fallen lines. With the crocodile leather strap that is also from the studio, which is perfect for whole appearance.

Was it attracted by this superb craftsmanship and beautiful patterns? Ok, I am also.
However, this is a limited-edition Hermes after all, and several styles are only several pieces. However, the exquisite imitation craft show more chance for people to have one. As long as you want, the replica market can make it for you. What else do you need to wait for? Hurry and go online to pick the Hermes watch that suits you.

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