For fashion women, it’s really important to find out right decoration for wearing. A bracelet or a watch? I really don’t know which one to choose when I match my dress. In fact, if it is a uniquely designed watch, the decorative effect will not be worse than bracelets. The most intuitive realization of this unique design is the shape of the strap. The “multi-circle” long leather strap is a perfect choice. Such as the Replica Hermes Passe Passe quartz watch. And the leather strap seems to be more popular than other materials.

How to choose the right leather strap, people have to look at the following suggestions.
Strap leather selection
Starting equipment for dressing table: calfskin strap
Calfskin is a relatively common and very cheap type of leather strap, calf leather without embossing, without any pattern, but enough to express the elegant temperament of the formal watch. And a sports watch with a calfskin strap can also become a calm and gentleman for business. And the belt of this material is very easy to master on the choice of color. For the fall and winter seasons, the purple calfskin strap of this Replica Hermes Passe Passe white round dial timing with rose gold bezel adds soft colour to the cold winter.

Standard equipment for top watches: crocodile leather strap
Crocodile skin is the first choice for top watches and it has a lot to do with its unique patterns, violent breath and small output. The “crocodile” is a small crocodile (artificially farmed) called an alligator. Because it has a small body, a crocodile can make up to five straps, and the preciousness can be imagined.

Noble and flexible personality choice: lizard skin, ostrich skin and bead skin strap
Lovers who pursue individuality favor some leather straps that are even rarer than crocodile skin – lizard skin, ostrich skin and pearl skin. Although the price of these leather straps is not necessarily more expensive than crocodile skin, it is enough to have personality.

The maintenance method of Leather strap
The leather strap is easily cracked after contact with a large amount of sweat and air-dried. What’s more, it also produces an odor under the erosion of sweat. The method of maintenance is to clean, ventilate and keep dry.

Moreover, the area where the skin is in contact with leather strap after sweating is very uncomfortable, so the autumn and winter season is a paradise for the leather strap compared to summer. Of course, even the best cortex, careful care, can not stop the aging of the skin. The old leather strap can make the quality of the watch much lower and beyond recognition. In general, if you wear it regularly, you must replace the leather strap at least once in two years.

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