As the aesthetic standard continues to increase, more and more designs have the asymmetrical aesthetic. And an increasing number of designers are placing their visual focus on the center of the vision. The idea of asymmetry is used to draw the attention of users and create a special “visual path”.

The symmetrical design provides a relatively limited space for divergent thinking that will hinder the designer’s play, and the work will not achieve the desired results. asymmetry has a visual tension that translates a particular feeling into the owners’ interest. Although the asymmetric design is slightly more difficult to adjust the layout, it also creates an imbalance.

However, replacing the symmetry design with an asymmetrical design outweighs the disadvantages, in addition to providing more “possibility”. On the other hand, it is also the designer’s advanced road. Anyone who wants to be a master of design will try this asymmetrical style. Let’s take a look at Hermes fashion watch with asymmetrical lugs.

As a fashion brand, Hermes introduces fashion elements more or less when designing watches. The dial of this watch is very popular with the plover pattern: a blue-white face to face Petits Chevaux print relative division on a black background.

Like the average fashion watch, this Hermes replica watch scale design is really simple enough — no markers. In fact, this design is really beautiful in appearance, but if you really need precise time, I am afraid that wearer can only use other timing devices (mobile phones).

The thin hands are made of 18 K champagne gold. Of course, this watch does not have a second hand. With the fine polished, the 18 K champagne gold case reveals the unique luster of the metal. And the lantern crown is surrounded by coin grain. This design is not only beautiful, but also provides a convenient service for adjusting the time.

Next is the stirrup asymmetrical lugs that are unique to Hermes. Brand is very good at integrating classic elements into the design of its products. The extraordinary creativity of this replica fashion watch is reflected in the design of the stables into the watch. The upper part of the round case has a stirrup-shaped lug, making the watch look a little asymmetrical.

Attached to the lugs is a black crocodile leather strap. I have to say that this replica watch is very good at controlling color: feminine champagne gold case with deep black strap, which make the entire watch is gentle. Coupled with a colorful dial, it adds happiness to watch.

In my opinion, the fashion watch should be a closed screw down back and this watch is sapphire crystal back. The internal structure and operation of the watch can be clearly displayed.

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