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Sciu.com.au is an Australian online store that provides a number of replica watches with Swiss quality of some popular brands. Main reason of providing replicated products is that original products are not affordable for everyone due to their higher prices.

 aaa replica audemars piguet watches

Imitated Audemars Piguet Watches

Audemars Piguet is one of the oldest brands that manufacture high-end watches that are known for their design, texture and shape along with the thinnest movement used in them. These watches are inspired by the famous watchmakers of Switzerland. Royal Oak Offshore is a limited edition watch from this brand which includes ETA 7750 Movement and date and chronograph functions. Its round case is made from black PVD steel and its strap is made from genuine leather. This watch for men also includes hard wearing sapphire crystal for long lasting performance.

bell and ross replica watches review australia

Knock-off Bell Ross Watches

Bell Ross is a watch making company that was founded by the team of specialists and designers of space and aircraft control systems. They have created watches especially for professionals like pilots, astronauts, bomb disposal experts and divers etc. Marine BR 02-94 is a replica watch from this brand which includes Valjoux 7750 movement and date, chronograph and scuba diving functions. The tonneau patterned case of this male watch is made of black PVD steel. Its dial is black and its strap is made of black rubber. It is one of the top online selling watches in Singapore.

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Duplicated Franck Muller Watches

The watches of this brand are known for the philosophy of their creative designs which has provided it a unique place in the market of watch makers. These watches are known for the uniqueness and complexity of their designs which has also made it very difficult to create their replicas. Infinity Reka is one of the replica Franck Muller watches that includes quartz movement from Japan and hours and minutes as its functions. The silver color square shaped case of this female watch is made from Swiss 316L steel, its dial is also black in color and its strap is made from genuine leather. This watch with hard wearing sapphire crystals is specially designed for stylish women.

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After going through the reviews of some of the counterfeit watches provided by sciu.com.au it can be said that this online store has enabled every common person to enjoy the luxury and style of their original models which was otherwise unaffordable for most of them. While producing imitated watches, companies have taken every care to maintain their quality and looks according to their original pieces.

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