Nathan George Horwitt said, “We do not know time as a number sequence, but by the position of sun as the earth rotates.” Mr. Horwitt got rid of number hour markers from dial and only retained the single dot symbolizing the midday sun and two central hands implying the earth. The dial design by Mr. Horwitt is a perfect interpretation of the truth that the earth goes around the sun. Back to that era, Mr. Horwitt was one of artists influenced by the German Bauhaus. The American artist took the essence to the extreme. It’s generally accepted that Movado Museum dial is the design reflecting the Bauhaus most. The Movado watch designed by Nathan George Horwitt was collected forever by Museum of Modern Art, New York in the 1960, the first model winning the title. Movado has continued the design since then.

At present, no timepiece is more accurate than smart phones which are generally used by the old and the young all over the world. Frankly speaking, wristwatches are less timepieces than decorations. If you want to get accurate time, it’s enough to ask your smart phone. So, nowadays, a chic wristwatch is important for both men and women. High quality replica Movado Museum watches are considered smart choices. Available in different collections, but the most classic model is the Museum. Replica Movado Museum Classic Black Dial Unisex Rose Gold Watch 0607078 may meet the demands of men and women.

First, it’s a classic design! Museum dial features concentric circles, the single dot at 12 O’clock and central hands. All designs for the dial echoes to the theme “the movement of the Sun and the Earth”. Only real wise men can appreciate the design. With it, you are impressed immediately. Museum classic black dial makes you distinctive from others around you.

Second, superior materials! Round well-polished watch case in 316 L steel is plated with rose gold, whose smooth surface echoes to minimalism. Genuine leather bracelet without any stitch also tells the truth that time goes but nothing left.

Third, large size! Smaller ladies’ bags are, more popular they are! Bigger wristwatches are, more popular they are! Thanks for leather bracelet with pin buckle, replica Movado Museum Classic black dial watch 0607078 in 40mm fits wrists in any size. For men, 40mm is a moderate size, and black and rose gold adds mature charm and elegance to them. For women, your unique charm sets off through a large-size wristwatch.

Fourth, color match! Black is a classic color, and rose gold shows elegant charm and attractive lustre. Black and rose gold is a perfect match which is suitable for both men and women.

Last, replica Movado Museum classic dial watch Ref.117834 is loyal to the original edition. The same exterior look is guaranteed. The watch with Japanese Quartz is light and accurate. High quality, low price, uniqueness! It’s trustworthy.

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