Movado means “Always in Motion” in Esperanto. From the brand name, the mission the founder built can be interpreted clearly, and it’s a smart brand name. Frankly speaking, a great number of people in the world don’t know the watch brand. It’s because the watch brand declines gradually after the 1980s. The young has no opportunity to know deeply about the brand. In fact, Movado has a longer history than Rolex, and it has created more than 100 patents and more than 200 global awards since it was founded in 1881. At present, Movado descends to be an affordable Swiss watch brand. It is talked by my friends every time, and we sighed that it has no core competitiveness but the Museum dial. It’s just our view, and maybe Movado company doesn’t agree with it.

If there is a vote on the most typical design for a wristwatch, I will choose Movado. All Movado watches have beening come with the Museum dial since the 1980s. The Museum dial features a single dot at 12 O’clock marking the noonday sun. The first Movado Museum watch was designed by Nathan George Horwitt in 1947, and the boldest design for a dial without any hour markers was honored as a good example of the modernism design. The Bauhaus-inspired Movado watch was collected by New York’s Museum of Modern Art and shown forever. Therefore, Movado Museum watch derived from the title. It cannot be denied that the Museum dial is a great, smart design. At least, Mr. Nathan George Horwitt has reached to the spiritual field. In political philosophy, to judge social progress is to see whether it has realized spirituality instead of functionalism. He thought a wristwatch is not just a timepiece tool. As he said, we do not know time as a number sequence, but by the position of sun as the earth rotates.

If you have the same spiritual taste, a Movado museum watch shows your distinctive personal charm. Frankly speaking, it won’t cost too much to buy a Movado watch. You like it? Just for it. Or it’s not a bad choice to buy a replica Movado watch. You think a Movado replica is not a good item? You are wrong. Movado watch is in a simple manufacturing process, so it’s easy to produce Movado watch replicas. Replica Movado Museum Unisex Watch 0606220 is an attractive timepiece. The replica Movado Museum watch tells us what minimalism is and what the truth of time. A watch case in 316 L steel with a black genuine leather bracelet, the simplest design. The Museum dial proves the truth of time. The watch is equipped with a Japanese Miyota mechanical movement with self winding. 36mm diameter makes the watch suitable for both women and men. The simpler a design is, the more stylish it is.

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