To today, people can’t understand that why some of us wear wristwatches when they have smart phones. This shows that they still see wristwatches as tools. In political philosophy, to judge social progress is to see whether it has realized spirituality instead of functionalism. A wristwatch is not just a timepiece tool. First, to wear a wristwatch symbolizes your time on fashion or time. Second, a right wristwatch proves your good taste. Wristwatches in different styles play important roles on different occasions. Third, a wristwatch for a mature, confident man is an essential accessory. Presidents in all countries all wear right wristwatches. What wristwatch should we choose? It depends on your likes and dislikes.

Movado, an affordable Swiss watchmaker, causes heated discussion. Some appreciate the classic and aesthetic Museum dial, and the other think Movado watch can’t tell the clear time. I think the two viewpoints representative spirituality and functionalism. If you only pay attention to functions or performance of wristwatches, you keep the side, functionalism. Anyway, we can’t deny the art value of the Museum dial and true meaning of time. We do not know time as a number sequence, but by the position of sun as the earth rotates.

If you like Movado and plan to buy one, the replica Movado Luno Sport watch is a good option. Movado Luno Sport collection features the single-link steel bracelet with lune grooves. All-in-one steel watch case and the single-link bracelet join together, and smooth lines stand out. The gold plated joints between links show luxury luster as the wrist moves. The inner bezel, the single dot and central hands in gold echo to the two-tone bracelet. The replica Movado watch brings out vintage but super-modern appeal. Thanks for 316 L stainless steel, corrosion resistance and anti-abrasion guarantee.

The black dial is like the infinite universe, and the yellow gold plated single dot at 12 O’clock is like the only planet glowing in the universe. The Museum dial proves that truth that time is the movement that the earth goes around the sun. The three hands are like the earth. In fact, Movado Luno Sport watch has only two hands: hour and minute. The replica has one more second hand. A round date window displays at 6 O’clock. The dimension: 40mm×10mm allows you wear it in business occasion or in your leisure life. The replica Movado Luno Sport two-tone watch is equipped with an Asian mechanical movement with automatic winding. It’s not a superior replica watch, but it has its own charm and advantages. Let’s follow the replica Movado watch to feel passage of time.

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