Among Swiss watch brands, Movado is the most iconic brand, featuring the single dot at 12 O’clock and Museum dial. Movado was founded by Achille Ditesheim in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1881. In 1905, the watch brand began to use the name “Movado” officially. Movado means “Always in Motion”. All models of Movado watches has already continued the Museum dial since the 1960s. To today, many of us don’t know the brand, but it will leave a deep impression on you at first glance. Although Movado isn’t a luxury brand, it had many splendid history once. From 1905 to 1970, Movado won more than 100 patents and approx 200 global prizes. After the 1970s, Movado seldom makes any progress on complicated watches and in-house movements. As far as the present situation is concerned, Movado plans to use the Museum dial all the time. In my opinion, Movado is at a disadvantage in the global watch market. It’s not a good strategy to keep the way.

For most people, a dial without index makes them upset in the busy society. We have been told that we get accurate time from a clock or a wristwatch since childhood. When a wristwatch can’t supply accurate time for us any longer, it may lose its use value, I think. Like the two sides of the same coin, some like aesthetic art of a Movado watch, and some think it’s just an unpractical tool. How do you like Movado watches?

If you want a practical watch telling you accurate time, you can get one from Movado watches with index. If you just want a fashion watch setting off your charm, replica Movado Moderna 31mm men’s watch 0604230 can satisfy your demands. Movado Moderna 0604230 in minimalism is easy to be copied well, and the replica Movado watch costs you little money. Movado Moderna 0604230 isn’t made in luxury materials, so its replica edition can be passed off as the real one and few identify it. With progress of high-tech watchmaking machines, it’s a piece of cake to produce Movado watch replicas.

An iconic Museum dial with a genuine leather strap in black, simple and classic. Polished-finish watch case shows mirror-like effect. The black dial bears a silver single dot, two princess hands and “SWISS MOVADO MADE” at 6 O’clock. When hour and minute hands rotate circle by circle, we may see nothing, but time flies little by little. The Museum dial for some is full of art flavor and conceptual ideas, whose charm can’t be expressed with few words. Replica Movado Moderna 0604230 is equipped with an Asian mechanical movement supplying approx 38-hour power reserve. People like the style don’t miss it.

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