A wristwatch is an accessory, but wristwatches in different styles fit different people. Movado watch is the watch which is low key but full of art. Movado has a close relationship with modernism art and expressionism art. In the history of 137 years, Movado is always full of aesthetic design and creative concept. To today, the most impressive Movado watch is the Museum Classic watch design by Nathan George Horwitt and collected in Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1960. Movado watch has featured the single dot at 12 O’clock and super-simple dial since that. There are two attitudes towards the iconic Movado dial. For some, Movado Sports Edition men’s chronograph watch Ref.0606349 will satisfy your demands that a Movado watch is full of both art and practical features.

Materials Selection
All-steel watch case and watch bracelet show the light and shadow effect and sporty design under the polishing and frosting treatment. Sapphire crystal features strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion and supreme readability.

Stylish And Sporty Exterior Look   
Black dial Movado often uses emphasizes on thinking about the time. Even though functions display on the dial, they are well laid-out. There are many indexes, so indexes in colors are marked on different functions. The date display stands out on the dial. From the universe, the lunar crescent-shaped date display embodies a rule that the moon goes around the sun. Movado does well in explaining time in this way, so the lunar crescent-shaped date display makes people think a lot. Besides, the watch case and lugs cast in block highlight fluid design and round lines. Although the single dot doesn’t appear on the dial, four convex dots on the bezel and concave dots on the links echo to the sun-themed design. In fact, Movado seldom designs multi-functional models, so the Movado SE watch is injected into sincerity.

1.We can get hours-munites-seconds accurately from prince-shaped indexes and the small seconds at 9 O’clock.
2.The lunar crescent-shaped date frame stands out on the dial. In order to get the right date, the red line and round frame play important roles.
3.The Movado Sports Edition watch has three chronograph functions recording seconds, minutes and hours. The time is accumulated on the minute counter at 12 O’clock and hour counter at 6 O’clock as the spear-shaped second hand goes around. The push-button at 2 O’clock works in controlling “Start/Pause”, and the button at 4 O’clock is a “Reset” key.
4.The dual-zone function helps a lot, and it displays the time in another time zone. From the dial display, the wearer can know about local time and the time in another time zone.
30-meter water resistance can meet daily demands.

Movado has its own unique understanding about time and presents the distinctive design. With the help of the Swiss automatic chronograph movement, Movado Sports Edition Chronograph watch 0606349 displays the artistic design and practical functions.

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