My next birthday is on the way, and I feel that I get older. It will seem that I am going to another stage. Maybe it’s right that I should make better wishes and higher expectation for the future. I have worked for years and got used to gaining the time on my smart phone, but I forgot a man should have a watch on his wrist. The number of wristwatches is as great as the number of girls in the world. Which one will make me fall in love with at first glance? I began my journey to find a right wristwatch for myself. A luxury watch doesn’t fit my status, but a sleazy one can’t draw my attention, and an ordinary watch can’t touch me. Then suddenly, it seemed that I was called by God, I met you in the sea of wristwatches, Movado. You touch my heart and impress me deeply.

Movado is an expensive watch brand in all watch brands, and it is sort of like Tissot and Longines. As for a watch, I think that the balance of price and quality is the most important factor. Only a luxury or top-class wristwatch can foil your taste and status? I don’t think so. A Movado watch is like a quiet, ethereal Goddess above. Movado enjoys a high reputation for distinctive aesthetic and ultramodern designs. Movado had been a leader developing movements in small size from 1910 to 1925. Every Movado watch is full of distinctive civilization and lingering charm. Especially, 1881 collection and Museum Classic collection are full of vintage styles, and every of them wins high praise. The watch brand gives me a shock and surprise, impressive deeply.

What an ultramodern design the Movado Modern Classic watch is! No scales on its dial? Minimalism design captures my heart immediately. The single dot at 12 O’clock implies that to understand the time for human being originates from the sun. With delicate design and mild artistic color blending, a Movado watch satisfies your demands for quality of life. Among Movado watches, I select a Movado Ultra Slim watch because I didn’t reach a level that I don’t care the passage of time. I must live and work hard so that I am able to pursue the brilliance of the sun.

Movado Ultra Slim features a slim watch case, stream-line exterior and simple modern aesthetic. My Movado Ultra Slim men’s watch Ref.0607088, 40mm, is equipped with a Quartz movement. The gold-plated watch case is just 6.3mm thick. Gold-plated stick-shaped hour markers, Prince hands and the sing dot stand out against the blue dial. The ultra slim watch case is provided with a black calfskin strap with black stitch. The dress style is suitable for urban men like me, classic and stylish.

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