Years ago, I saw Movado watches many times in Movado shoppe in the department stores. For lack of knowledge about wristwatches, I think instinctively the watch brand is strange. To get time immediately from a wristwatch without scales is not easy. As my knowledge on wristwatches increases, I know about the watch brand more and get the true meaning of time. Time never is sequenced with numbers, but the earth rotates by the position of sun. To today, I’m afraid that many still have the view that Movado “flops”. I don’t thinks so, because Movado has its target audience and market positioning. According to sales figures and popularity degree, it indeed falls behind the luxury watch brands, even expensive watch brands. I dug into its historical records, and you will know its glory after you see the following.

Movado, a Swiss watchmaker, is world-famous for the Museum collection. Inspired by arts, Movado adheres to inherit the essence of its history and develops modern styles. With unique traits and surreal style, Movado has a high reputation across the world, and every of Movado watches is full of distinctive cultural aroma. 19-year-old Achille Ditesheim established a shop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1881. The shop improved well in several years, and it won the Gold Award for a meaningful design in the world exposition in 1905. It’s at this year that Movado was used as the company’s official name. Movado means “Always in Motion” in Esperanto. Movado never stopped its forward steps in the watchmaking industry.

1. Movado designed the “POLYPLAN” model in 1912, a revolutionary design.
2. The VALENTINO and the ERMETO were launched in 1920, and they were original models.
3. Movado started to develop its Automatic watches in the1940s to 1950s.
4. Movado self-winding date watch came out in 1946.
5. Nathan George Horwitt, an American artist, designed a watch dial for Movado which has a very simple design defined by a solitary dot at 12, symbolizing the sun at high noon. That watch by Nathan George Horwitt was collected by New York’s Museum of Modern Art perennially in 1960. After that, the Movado Museum derived from the even.
6. Movado’s rotor-drive clock came out in 1956, the earliest rotor-drive timepiece in the market.
7. Movado Vizio watch with the hinge bracelet and classical watch case made a hit in 1996.
Movado represents originality and revolution, and it obtained one hundred patents and more than two hundred innovation prizes in the first century.

What’s time is a a mystery, and some say that time is past, present and future, and some think that time is matter, traceable. Therefore, time is sequenced with numbers by the human being. Movado tells the origin that we do not know time as as a number sequence, but by the position of sun as the earth rotates. In fact, we do not know time, only to feel its elapse, but We can change time. Like a Movado watch, we can’t see time from its dial, but time goes by and never stops. To the 21st century, it seems that such a artistic and philosophical Movado watch won’t suit the competitive society. How do you like Movado?

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